Ulotki foldery i broszury


Flyers can be ever sktueczną printable form of advertising for a product or service, but remember that that well-designed leaflet must contain information związłe którtkie and designed to interest the target group you have to offer.

It is important to clarify the precise characteristics of the recipient to him and matching the appropriate form. Effective leaflet must first look to arouse interest, means and methods used for this purpose may be different from the design content of up to sophisticated graphic form.

This leaflet is one of the cheapest forms of advertising and provides a great alternative to posters and brochures.



Posters are entirely graphic form and its message can sometimes be encrypted. Compared to leaflets are placed in fixed locations such as sites framed poster on the ceiling pdwieszancy part in specially prepared for this purpose counter displays.



They are often used one of the advertising brochures. Its task is to present a bid with the help of illustrations and texts. Folders are ideal for all types of shares promocyjncyh. Allow the customer more important from his point of view, the information. This is a very good form to showcase the new product.



The brochure consists of several folders fastened together, includes a rigid cover, the recipient can view it repeatedly and in contact with the broadcaster to rely on the data contained therein. The brochure contains a lot of data, information, explanations in order to find answers to most questions asked by the consumer.