Klienci Line Lab

Companies which have trusted us and we decided to outsource their projects reazliację confirm our reliability and professionalism, creativity.

If you want to join our satisfied customers - welcome.


Travel Almatur.


Our cooperation is continuity. Mainly relies on the development and preparation of the content of advertisements and the design and construction of promotional leaflets.





It is well-known company that produces the highest quality of PVC windows. Our clients have joined a few months ago. Orders executed for the TP-OKNA consisted of preparing a promotional campaign based on a series of newspaper ads and inserts.




Cooperation, whose purpose was to prepare advertisements.


Centrum Nieruchomości i Finansów


For a range of services we CniF ziązanych designing and delivering customized business materials to the system adopted the corporate identity. Centrum Nieruchomości i Finansów for us to prepare surface designs.


Print Terminal

With a nationwide network of printing the Print Terminal working for several months carrying out their orders at the warehouse poleagające publickacji - books. Print Terminal is also a company for which we developed and carried out a number of applications itranetowych network management support.


Beauty studio Cameleonia

Several projects and concept art made for the studio Cameleonia beauty. This is a small achievements but our cooperation is just beginning and certainly in the future, result in a wider range of services performed.